Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for making yourself available at very early hours while on your holiday, and assisting in finalising the scope of works. This greatly assisted the parties to reach settlement of those proceedings.

Your efforts are very much appreciated, and provide another reason why you are our go-to expert on all things waterproofing.

I hope you have a great rest of your trip.

Kind regards,

Paul Wiseman
Senior Associate

Alex Gilandis

"Thank you for your professional expertise and excellent technical reports in my building dispute which was resolved in my favour.

The N-CAT Commissioner commented that your reports were of such high quality with voluminous expertise that they were unassailable. The other side had no choice but to accept your findings without reservation. Consequently, you were not required for personal testimony and cross-examination, as your reports and follow up testing spoke for themselves. This helped control court costs.

I will recommend you highly to all my colleagues."

Yours Sincerely

Alex Gilandas

Strata Defects Report

"Our strata complex is of significant size, totalling 180 lots and had had a long standing and unresolved defects claim against the original builder. We already had a defects report, but recognised that this report was inadequate.  It was then that we engaged Paul Ratcliff to address the defects by way of a new report.  We needed a report of a quality that would comprehensively support our claim under our Home Owners Warranty Insurance policy.

His identification of additional defects increased the value of our claim by some 700%. The claim was substantially accepted by the insurer and they utilised Paul’s report as the scope of works for the rectification.

What we appreciated most about Paul was not only the quality of his reporting, but also his willingness to listen to and work with  the Committee. This enabled us to actively pursue the claim. Paul’s thorough understanding of defects problems in strata buildings and the best methods to rectify them were critical to our claim being accepted."

Tonja Gibson


Panorama Seaforth

"One of the most complex issues of a $1.2million rectification project at a 33 lot strata in Seaforth in 2012/2013 involved addressing a leak in the detention tank, located under one of the commercial lots. Paul Ratcliff wrote the required scope of works for this rectification and briefed the builders. He also supervised its execution with modifications as required. As new factors came to light, the scope of works needed to be revised and each time, Paul came up with suitable alternatives to meet the criterion.

As Chair of the Executive Committee and Owners Corporation Representative for the rectification works, I had the pleasure of working closely with Paul during this time and found him to be the ultimate professional. His knowledge is extensive, he commands respect from his peers and has the innate ability to explain technical issues in terms a layman can understand. His comprehensively dictated notes (and relevant photos) are transcribed into reports that are clear and address the issue at hand. These describe the issue; offer an informed opinion; provide a detailed scope of works.

For any water ingress issues, I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. He is informed, methodical, conscientious and thorough. He is easy to deal with, punctual, reliable and instills confidence in knowing how to achieve the best outcome."


Louise Keller

Chair Executive Committee 2009 - 2013

SP69380 Panorama Seaforth